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2022 - Wow

 It has been 8 years (or so) since I last posted and the world has changed drastically. So much in the world is not for the better, but much in our own lives is looking up. Still teaching, though it's not fun...  shortly before school began in 2014 I was able to to secure a continuing position (permanent-ish) as a third grade teacher in a district about 35 miles/50 minutes away from home. I love teaching this age, although I am legendary for recurrent rants on the developmentally inappropriate (at the younger grades) common core standards... this year of course is the most challenging year I have faced as a teacher, and the most exhausting. I definitely do NOT recommend people become teachers at this point in history unless they have the maturity and financial stability to weather both political and pandemic stressors that are rampant across the United States. At least in our state teachers have a measure of security (unions make retaliatory action by school boards and admins less

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